Glam Italia Tours are boutique a la carte private tours of Italy for small groups of women.

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Glam Italia Tours

The smaller group size gives us freedom and flexibility to spend our time the way we want to. We can keep exploring little Tuscan villages for as long as we want to, have 3 hour lunches with vineyard views or grab a panino and run to the Prada outlet – everything happens at our own pace, not on a big tour company schedule. If you don’t want to be on a big bus tour with an umbrella waving guide, a headset and 40 other people; if you want more than the typical 5 hours in a town that you get with a cruise; but if going it alone feels too overwhelming,  a Glam Italia Tour may just be perfect for you!  In a post Covid world travelers need to rethink taking big bus tours and cruises. Small group, personalized travel is definitely the way of the future.  On Glam Italia Tours we mix seeing some of the big tourist attractions such  as the Colosseum and the Vatican, with exploring fabulous places that are a little off the beaten track, places the tour buses don’t go. My travelers get to meet and mingle with local Italians, shop in village markets, enjoy drinking prosecco or cappuccino in exquisite, centuries old piazzas and dine in real Italian restaurants – the places Italians eat, far  from the tourist crowds!  Even when we are in the main tourist cities, Venice, Florence and Rome, we  are far from the crowds, seeing things the masses don’t know about and  having an entirely different travel experience.

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Where Do We Go on a glam Italia Tour?

What Makes A Glam Italia Tour Different?

All Glam Italia Tours are a la carte, so they are built around your interests. My signature tour  encompasses Venice, Florence and Tuscany, The Amalfi Coast and Capri and my favorite city in the  world, Rome.  I also offer tours to Puglia, Sicily and the Italian Riviera.
Many of my travelers come back for repeat tours, Italy has so much to offer you can keep coming back
over and over and not see the same thing twice!

In my book Glam Italia! How To Travel Italy I talk about how important it is to create incredible experiences, and that is the focus of the Glam Italia Tours. Yes you will see some amazing  sights, but more than that you will have endless fabulous experiences.

oh the places we'll go

fabulous experiences

Glam Italia Tours are for women aged 35 and above. Sorry guys – this is girl time. Everything we do is female-centric

Hey ladies!

Who Can Go on a Glam Italia Tour?

Are They Expensive?

No, Glam Italia Tours are not expensive. They cost a little more than the mainstream big bus tours but are priced for normal folks. Part of the point of doing this was to open up the opportunity to travel for regular people. For the average person a tour of Italy can seem out of reach, but really it can be quite accessible!

Italy is accessible!

The Glam Italia Tours use vacation rental apartments, villas, castles and palaces instead of  hotels. I have to tell you, you will never forget staying in a centuries old palazzo/apartment/villa – the experience is just magic!  Another benefit to staying in vacation rentals is that we get the experience of shopping in local  markets and supermarkets. This lets us feel as though we are actually living in Italy for a while  rather than just visiting. Eating out 3 times per day can be both exhausting and expensive, and you end up eating more  than you want to. Having the opportunity to make the choice to eat in or eat out each day is quite freeing! The way I see it we are all grown ups and if you want to eat in or eat out it is entirely up  to you! Typically we do a mixture of the two, with everyone generally opting to do the same thing.

Vacation Rentals, Villas, castles, Oh My

Where Do We Stay?

Let's Go To Italy!

"Italy will never be a normal country. Because Italy is Italy. If we were a normal  country, we wouldn’t have Rome. We wouldn’t have Florence. We wouldn’t have the  marvel that is Venice."
                                     -Matteo Renzi

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"Corinna created a wonderful Italy experience that allowed us to fully enjoy the country and not worry one bit about details! Creating full itineraries that matched up to our personalities, allowing for downtime around all of our walking "behind the scenes tours," encouraging our many "wine pit stops" and all around, being a YES guide was something our group appreciated. As moms, we are always in charge of everyone else's happiness and needs, and having someone else there to guide us and have a plan for our day (while allowing flexibility in our schedule) was just heavenly. We left Italy with memories of tasty gelato, Capri sunsets, cappuccino mornings, Coliseum stories, and belly laughs for days. If you've never been to Italy and would love to have a friend take you around to all the places you've only read about, Corinna is your gal!"

-Kristen B.

"Our Glam Italia Tour was an incredible two weeks of touring Italy less as tourists and more as travelers. Corinna is the perfect travel companion, an insider that knows the out of the way places while balancing her passion for Italy and her extensive historic knowledge all with an enthusiasm that is contagious. The tour is an overview of noteworthy places that should be seen and those that we wanted to see (being fluid was an added bonus). I have been to Italy many, many times and I learned so much from her "must sees" along with the “not what you would expect” experiences that make Italy so special. The off the beaten path stops were the highlights allowing us to a better understanding for what Italy is really like, the people, the food, the culture. Traveling with Corinna allowed me to take a journey, it enriched my understanding of such an amazing country and opened my eyes to more and more of its magic. You can’t help but feel Italy as she does."

- Melissa M

"This was the most amazing experience. Corinna put together an incredible tour through Tuscany, Capri and the Amalfi Coast and Rome. Everything from tours to accommodations and the tour guides were extraordinary. If you really want to experience Italy Glam Italia is definitely the way to go.Corinna is a sweet heart! Can't wait to go again."

-Will Z + Wayne H.

""The Glam Italia tour was truly the trip of a lifetime! Corinna is knowledgeable, amazingly fun, and constantly finding ways to delight and surprise you. The best part is that she takes care of all the major details and then provides options so you can do and see the things that are important to YOU. You must take this boutique tour if you want to fall in love with Italy and avoid the overcrowded tours that shuffle you from one tourist trap to another. With Glam Italia tours you are treated like a VIP, (and yet it's still surprisingly affordable!). Corinna will show you the hidden gems and you'll get to benefit from the multitude of contacts she has that specialize in history, culture, food, wine, and La Dolce Vita! (a life of heedless pleasure and luxury!). "

- Kathleen O.

"Kathy and I did a Glam Italia Tour with Corinna of Florence, Tuscany, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast and Rome. We have toured all over the world and this was one of best travel experiences we ever had. From the historic residences we stayed in to the amazing information, every part of the tour was first class!! Corinna represents the best of professional tour operators." 

-Cheers, Bill and Kathy B.

In September of 2019 two of my friends and I took a Glam Italia Tour with Corinna. We first met with Corinna, she explained what the trip would entail and encouraged us to read her book entitled How to Travel Italy. You will want to read it as it will tell you everything you need to know if you are thinking of travelling there. Corrina is fun, bubbly, has many friends in Italy who welcome her and us into their fold and offered us their friendship, food and a wonderful time. We had private drivers taking us here and there, to and from the airport, private and knowledgeable tour guides to the Coliseum, Pompeii, Wineries, Isle of Capri to name a few. When we returned from the trip we got together to reminisce and discuss our trip, realizing what an absolutely fabulous experience of a lifetime this trip really was thanks to Corinna!

-Shirley G

"I had spoken with Corinna regarding taking one of her tours, but it wasn’t till 2018, when my daughters best friend was planning on getting married in Italy mid June, that I got back with Corinna regarding working the wedding into one of her tours!  Lucky for me, she accommodated me to meeting her in Naples with her already begun tour from Florence…Once home, it took me weeks to get off my travel high, as it was just the best trip ever!  Corinna had it all laid out beautifully, she is indeed an expert at what she does, so organized and well traversed with everything Italian, the history, the language, the food, the culture etc, along with her delightful Kiwi attitude, makes traveling with her worth every cent spent!!! Don’t wait, go, contact Corinna asap!!!"

-Erin T.

"To say that my trip to Italy was a dream vacation is an understatement. It was fabulous! Corinna is so much fun but also very professional and knowledgeable. Every day was a new adventure filled with sightseeing, enjoying Italian cuisine and wines and of course, shopping. Italy 2021 is already booked!"

-Toni m.

“It was a trip of a lifetime! I will never forget the incredible memories I made”

-Victoria c.

what Travelers say about the glam Italia Tours


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