Like the masses before me I completely fell in love with Italy. I love the culture, the history, the art, architecture and music, the food the wine and above all, the people. Unlike most countries, with Italy the more new places you stumble upon the more you realize you’ve barely skimmed the tip of the iceberg. So I still have a lifetime of discovery ahead of me! I spend as much time as possible in Italy each year. As well as my personal travel, every summer I take small groups of women on boutique, private Glam Italia tours .

"Italy is a dream
that keeps returning for the rest of your life"

~Anna Akhmatova

I grew up in New Zealand and have lived around the globe on continents and islands and in some of the most exciting cities in the world. At this time I live in the wild beauty that is Arizona, where every sunset seems more spectacular than the one before And the 9 months of the year the weather is perfect. ( The other 3 months are a little toasty) 

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This is where I share my favorite secret places in Italy. Discover foods, wines and festivals you need to know about, and much more! Join my newsletter for a bi-weekly escape to magical Italy.

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This is where I share my favorite secret places in Italy. Discover foods, wines and festivals you need to know about, and much more! Join my newsletter for a bi-weekly escape to magical Italy.

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What My readers Have to Say

"Perfect Book for Roman Trip"
Bought this on a whim and it was a guiding source for my recent trip to Rome, right down to her spot-on shoe recommendations. One unusual thing in this book is letting the reader know what the place reviewed is near, so while in that area of Rome, you can also do something else...why does no one else do this? Now I want to go on one of her trips, she is so breezy and knowledgeable with a great sense of humour. HIGHLY recommend this fun, unstuffy guide book.

-Coloardo -USA

"Amazing guide to help plan your trip to Italy!"
Corinna has written a wonderful guide that emphasizes other aspects of travel aside from the famous tourist sites. It names small towns you should visit, names product categories found in the various cities that you should target in your shopping, and how to plan your trip. After reading the book you know that the author is a wonderful human being with a fresh spirit.

- B. Ed- Canada

" A fun guide full of insights to optimize your Italian adventure!" This guide seems to have two strengths: sneaky tips for making general international travel easier, cheaper and more glam; and advice on how to see the real, romantic Italy (the one of your dreams - not the queues at the colosseum and the nightmare of driving through Rome, but the tiny restaurant, serving perfect handmade pasta, hosted by a jovial Italian chap, which only the locals know about). This author divulges her secrets so generously. Her love for Italy is so obvious. This must be as close as you can get to traveling with the author to Italy, without actually joining one of her exclusive glam tours (oh, I wish!!! Maybe one day...) Highly recommended if you want the inside scoop to seeing more of Italy than the tourist trail. (And fun to read vicariously as an armchair traveller too.) Sounds like bliss!

-Anna G. - USA

"This book will make your trip to Italy smoother and more enjoyable" 
I was nervous about taking my first trip out of my home country to Italy. However, this book has given me many reasons to relax and enjoy my trip. Ms. Cooke explains planning your trip, what to pack, buying a ticket, when to travel and why. Also the different places you can stay, and the pros and cons of each. She explains ordering your espresso, wines, meals, including some of the specialities of each region and the dreaded public bagno (restroom). She covers about every situation you might find yourself in, how to navigate the train system, or rental cars, how to get help if you find yourself ill and how to avoid or work through many other travel issues. She also explains how to plan and enjoy your best trip. I feel so much more confident about my upcoming trip.

-Jeanne A. -USA

"SO HAPPY to have this book!!"
This book is so easy to read and enjoyable! The author writes in a fun and captivating style. You know she more than knows her stuff and I trust every single word she says! Full of practical information: how to plan your trip, how to beat jetlag, how to use the train system (step-by-step), how to choose a restaurant, how to rent a car, how to order coffee, where to buy popular many useful tips! I haven't finished reading the book yet, but I am reading it before I read my Italy travel guide! That's how much I love the book. I am sooooo glad I found this book and I know it will help me plan my trip to Italy and help me enjoy it to the fullest!

-Amazon Customer - CANADA

"Excellent tips for booking a dream holiday to Italy"
I love this book. I have read it three times and I have post its on many pages as well as highlighted areas.
What I really like is how easy it is to read. It is like a little novel but with so much information and it is easy to go back and look things up.
Italy is my dream holiday, I have planned it for many years. I want it to be about experiences more than seeing every single monument and museum. Corinna manages to put all of it into a book. She talks about the tourist places to go, but most of all I loved how she provided ways to get the best experiences off the beaten track. I am even staying in the little town in Tuscany she recommended.  I follow her blog and receive her newsletter too.  I couldn't recommend a better book.  Thanks Corinna.

-Julie Holmes - USA

"Insightful, colorfully written and easy to read!"
I have never been to Italy, and do plan on getting there someday very soon. Reading Glam Italia! placed me right on the streets of the “non-touristy” side of the Italy I never knew I wanted to experience. With wonderful anecdotes and stories of all of her travels, Corinna really opened my eyes to a new way to travel- not as a tourist, but as a native. She shared Italy in beautifully descriptive language making me feel as if my best girlfriend was alongside me helping plan this trip to have the most positive and pleasant experience ever! Tips of both practical nature and tips to enhance ones basic travel needs were interwoven in the delightful down to earth tone of the book.
I will absolutely be re-reading this book as I delve into my planning and pulling it out once I am in Italy!

-Kristen B. -USA

" A must for your next trip to Italy!!!" 
I loved Corinna's first book, Glam Italia! How to Travel Italy, so I was really looking forward to this new collection of hidden gems for my next trip to Italy. It most definitely does not disappoint. If you loathe the thought of fighting crowds of tourists to see a handful of hotspots that everyone flocks to photograph, this book is perfect for you. I've already highlighted a few dozen of the unique attractions shared in the book and can't wait for my next trip to Italy to skip the lines and experience Italy like a true local. Grazie mille to the author for sharing her love of Italy so my husband and I can visit the secluded treasures of this beautiful country.

-Jessica Y. -USA